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Feng Shui For Modern Living

modern feng shui in lexingtonThe mission of Will LeStrange is to promote living life to our fullest potential in a balanced and harmonious manner, through an understanding of our relationship to our living and working environments. We help restore planetary balance and harmony one place and one person at a time.

We provide complete analyses of commercial buildings, residential homes and property throughout North America. Off-site evaluations can be done worldwide.

The basic philosophy of feng shui is that everything is energetically connected and always changing and that your consciousness is represented in your environment.

Its purpose is to align ourselves in a balanced and harmonious way to the energies of where we live and work. This includes understanding the physical aspects of our environments, as well as the invisible aspects of our environments, as they relate to direction, time, and space. When we are properly aligned in our environments they enable each of us to live richer, fuller, happier lives and we are more enabled to actualize our fullest potentials in life.

When good feng shui is in place it supports our health, wealth, and relationships.

Altering our feng shui does not change our basic nature. We all have our unique potentials for health, love and prosperity.  The goal in applying this knowledge is to maximize those good things in life by removing or canceling those obstacles imposed on us by negative influences in our environment as they relate to feng shui.

Qualified feng shui practitioners are becoming in great demand as awareness of the benefits of applying feng shui principles in our environments becomes more and more apparent.

Will LeStrange is a professional Feng Shui and Energy Balancing Specialist. He has certification training with The Feng Shui Network International (London 1996), He was an advisor to Jon Sandifer, in setting up the Professional Standard guidelines for the Feng Shui Society of Great Britain. He has trained in classical feng shui with Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, Jon Sandifer & Roger Green (London 1996- 2001). In addition, he has studied Intuitive feng shui with William Spear, Jan Cisek, Gina Lazenby and Alex Stark. (London 1996-2000). He attended a feng shui study tour of China in 1998 with Howard Choy and had the privilege to study with one China’s foremost scholars on the history of Feng Shui, Professor Wang Yu De from Wuhan University. He has studied Eath Acupuncture with Richard Creightmore (Landscope). He has studied Kineseology with Tony and Heather Ryman, (Andover, UK. 2006-2007)

Will LeStrange brings experience, knowledge, enthusiasm and a caring attitude to his clients with each consultation that he performs.

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